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25+ Years of Excellence in Education

Preparing Students
for a Successful Future.

ThrivePoint Academy of Nevada is an alternative education school dedicated to serving students that are not finding success in traditional school settings. To operate as an alternative education school, we prioritize enrollment for students that have certain qualifications such as: students who are behind on credits needed to graduate on time; have been held back a grade level two or more times; receive special education services; are currently on suspension or expulsion; or are under court supervision/jurisdiction. 

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About Our High School

We Have Faith In Our Student’s Future

ThrivePoint is proud to offer a unique, flexible, and rewarding educational experience for students, grades 9 – 12 across the State of Nevada. Our self-paced curriculum is ideal for students who desire to speed up or slow down the traditional high school experience. While some students work at an accelerated pace, others need to spend more time on a subject to retain the information. We know that students in the 21st century need flexibility to complete coursework and resources to support them on their schedule. This is why our educators have worked tirelessly to develop a model that works for all students!



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Follow Your Path

For students that break the mold, ThrivePoint High School frees you to create your own path.

Here to help you succeed

Empowering Students to Achieve their Dreams at ThrivePoint

ThrivePoint is dedicated to providing educational options that respond to each student and families needs. Our students have access to academic pathways that meet their individual requirements and interests. By offering students a personalized learning experience, our competitive programs prepare students for their future by meeting and exceeding Nevada Academic Standards.

At ThrivePoint, we believe that every student can achieve success in school, be a lifetime learner, and thrive in the 21st century global community. Our mission provides a commitment to educational excellence and demand for accountability. Through individualized learning pathways that address diverse learning styles, we combine technology with educational tools and resources to foster collaborative efforts between educators, students, and their families. This is then supported by a positive culture of rewarding success and empowering students to achieve their dreams.

Accredited Curriculum

Multiple in-person and online high school classes to choose from that will boost student engagement, motivation, and enable each student to meet their individual learning needs.
Fine Arts

Fine Arts

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Social Studies



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A Structured Learning Environment for Student Success

We exist to provide students a choice in completing their high school education. We provide a structured learning environment with personalized education plans that focus on mastery-based instruction and award a diploma upon fulfilling graduation requirements. We serve as an alternative high school, providing credit recovery for students with poor academic standing, adjudicated youth, pregnant/parenting students, students who have dropped out, behind in credits and students that are looking for an alternative to the traditional education setting.

Personalized Education

Academic Achievement

Responsible Citizens

Effective Communicators

Committed To Excellence In Education

At ThrivePoint it is our mission to provide all students with an opportunity for success. We partner with parents, guardians, and students to offer personalized instruction and support for students at every stage of their learning journey. We believe that the right combination of individualized instruction, hands-on student experiences and community involvement will allow our students to achieve their full potential. That’s why we created our Student Success Coach model, which allows us to connect with each student on a personal level so they can grow academically, personally, and socially! We provide our students and parents a dedicated point of contact for one-on-one support! ThrivePoint’s team of Student Success Coaches are energetic and positive individuals who embrace a holistic approach to student support and advocate for their students. They provide students and families with access to highly engaging and interactive academic experiences through virtual and face-to-face opportunities designed to meet the needs of our student population. Their entire role is based around support students as they navigate lessons and courses tailored to ensure academic success.

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